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Are there really "secrets" to private practice?
And is there really a "system" that ensures success?

Absolutely YES View some samples now.  And if you don't have "The 10-Step System" in your practice you will find yourself working long hours, late nights suffering from many headaches with employee and collections problems. 

You will find yourself putting out "fires" regularly.  Without "The 10-Step System" I guarantee you will NOT achieve what you are looking for through your practice.  Over 85% of all doctors would tell their children NOT to be a doctor and it doesn't have to be this way!

Discover what only 2% of practices across the country know but won't share.  There is such a thing as a "The Secret 10-Step System" that is critical to you achieving independence and freedom and we'll reveal it to you!  See what other's private practitioners have said after learning "the system".  Register now.

It doesn't matter if you've been in business 20 years or haven't yet started, building the practice of your dreams can be achieved quickly and affordably with our "10-Step System."  You will receive a road-map to success, with all 10 right tools, to achieve independence and freedom through private practice success.

Don't mistake this one fact...you need a coach! Every top athlete, singer, dancer, fortune 500 company wanting to fulfill their dreams has a coach, should you be any different?  What are their chances without a coach, what are yours?

Independence and freedom absolutely does NOT happen by chance and it certainly does NOT happen by merely getting office space, using borrowed (stolen forms) from past employers, and going door-to-door to doctors like a salesman.  If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

This course will give you proprietary tools only available through IndeFree and the proper coaching to help you achieve the practice of your dreams.  Something you can truly appreciate and enjoy.  If you are "burning-out" this will help you enjoy your profession and business all over again.  You can take pride in what you do and make more money at the same time. 

Taught by Real Therapists with Real PracticesTM


  • "The Secret 10-Step System" to achieving independence and freedom through private practice success

  • Apply the 10 GREATEST SECRETS known by only 2% of the physical therapists nationwide for instant success!

  • Get the 10 greatest tools for instant success!

  • How to use modifiers and achieve more profit from each and every patient! More about billing...

  • How to run promotions and create excitement and demand for your services!

  • What to say and NOT say when talking to physicians and attorneys.

  • The Secret to Automating New Patients!

  • Collect on ALL Claims quickly including Denials!

  • Learn the Provider Rights that Most Don't Know but Should!

  • Advanced Revenue Channels (we're not talking about selling products or renting a room to a massage therapist).

  • Secret to finding great employees quickly and affordably and what to offer them!

  • Secret to creating loyal employees!

  • Experienced owners profiting over $250,000 per year.
    Experienced owners who are not happy where they are.

  • Beginners who just opened their doors.
    Beginners who are thinking of leasing office space.

  • Those merely thinking of private practice and want to know what it takes.

  • Get ALL 10 right tools to build your practice correctly, immediately, the first time around!  Don't leave it to chance.

  • Learn the most affordable and easiest way to high quality care and instant profits! Don't wait years like most practices.

  • Achieve true independence by not relying on a few doctors for 70% of your business (like most practices that are failing).

  • Overcome the hurdle of insurances being "closed".

  • Learn the difference between "marketing" and advertising, promoting, publicizing, and selling your services and why it's critical to business success!

  • Make physicians and public WANT to do business with you consistently and automatically.

  • Operate at a higher "Success" rate (compared to the 2% national average)!

  • Understand the One True Measure of Success and build your entire business around it!

This is an intensive hands-on workshop! Perfect for the ALREADY SUCCESSFUL owner or BEGINNER!  If you are serious about taking your practice "over-the-top" and want to understand how to create a truly independent practice (not one dependent on a handful of referral sources) reserve your seat today.  It covers 4 years of learning in just 4 days!

  • Secret marketing and advertising templates. (proprietary)

  • Secret patient intake packet (proprietary)

  • Secret billing & collection forms and tools (proprietary) Look...

  • Secret employee & team building/training forms (proprietary)

  • View Table of Contents Now >>>

Each Course includes:

- FREE Step-by-Step Manual at the coursel

- FREE Forms, Tools & Legal Documents Booklet**

- FREE Mystery Gift to the first 5 Registrants! Something Every Practice Needs!

**Customizable CD not included (sold separately).

Within the first hour you will learn how to truly "market" and master  advertising, promoting, publicizing, and selling your services.  This course offers the real nitty gritty to private practice success. Things never taught in school or other practice management seminars. Things only physical therapists with real practices who have gone through it know and can teach.

Stop the staff issues and headaches and explode your new patient business by implementing these three proprietary systems by IndeFree:

1. "Performance-Based Pay"
2. "Creative Care Service"
3. "C-A-I-R"

You'll learn how to enjoy your practice again by getting others to WANT to do business with you so you don't always have to worry about where your next patient is coming from.  Make your practice simple, focused, and automated and avoid the long hours, late nights, and reimbursement headaches that plague most practices! You won't find this information anywhere else.  Not on the internet, not in books, consultants, seminars, APTA . . . nowhere!  The best part, it's a No-Risk Guarantee!

100% Money-Back &
No-Penalty with Early Cancellation!


I'm Thinking of Starting a Practice
I'm a Serious Beginner
I'm an Experienced Owner

9 Reasons to Enroll Today...Risk-FREE

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If you are not completely satisfied with the course you will receive a full refund. No questions, no hassles, no problem.

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