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For Anyone Serious About Success:

In 1997, I wanted to start my own practice but didn't know how.  I graduated just the year before so I didn't know much about business and management.  All I knew was I did not want to keep working for someone else. Many told me I was crazy for trying to start a practice so soon, but I had my own ideas of how patient care and operations should be and I was confident I could do it better.  I tried to find some books and references about starting a practice but not much was available.  I found two but unfortunately both were very outdated (published 1987). 

I proceeded to visit local practices in my area (won't mention names) and asked to see the owner/therapists. My intent was to get some advice and information that might help me in my quest to be a business owner, but mostly I got reluctance and somewhat unfriendly responses. Some were courteous but even then weren't much help. I didn't understand it, "Why would fellow PT's not want to help one another?" In hind-sight I understood their reluctance. The therapists were simply afraid--afraid of competition--afraid that someone might come hurt their business and take their piece of the pie.

The truth is success has no limits.  Many fail to see this and in the quest for their piece end up merely lapping up crumbs in the long run. It doesn't take very long to become fearful and territorial. If you fear competition you'd better take a hard look at what your practice is made of.  A strong practice built on reputation, patient satisfaction, and quality care has little to fear.  Unfortunately, even today, many practices are lacking and afraid. Trying to get help and advice from them may not prove fruitful. If you want a practice with a solid foundation and want the straight-up facts these classes are for you.

"Don't use stolen forms and procedures from past employers and copy someone making a lot of mistakes!"

Private Practice Secrets & Skills
The Practice Development & Advanced Management Course

Whether you've been in private practice many years or are about to start this is the course for you.  It's highly interactive with ample time for question-answer sessions! The best part, it's a No-Risk Guarantee!

  • Learn how to automate new patient referrals by opening up "back door" business and completely closing your "front door"!

  • Implement our proprietary "Performance-based Pay" with your team and watch things change!

  • Stop having to put out fires everyday!

  • Land, negotiate and profit from FFS and/or capitated HMO contracts

  • Get patients wanting to pay at the time of service

  • Get on insurance company "short lists"

Over 20-hours of group learning and 8-hours of self-exercise learning over a four-day period!

Continuing Education Credit Information:

How to Apply in Your State. CEU qualifying outline.



After your enrollment you will receive a Pre-workshop Packet by email that includes a username and password for the Online Self-Study and personal questionnaire.  Please complete prior to workshop. *Customizable versions of each form will be made available on CD-ROM for a nominal fee.

100% Money-Back &
No-Penalty with Early Cancellation!


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I'm an Experienced Owner

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If you are not completely satisfied with the course you will receive a full refund. No questions, no hassles, no problem.

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