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Physical Therapy Private Practice Marketing, Billing, Collections, and Employee SECRETS Course

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Physical Therapy Private Practice SECRETS Course

"Dear IndeFree,
This is the best investment that I have made for the success of my business.  Your class has inspired me to think outside the box and change the way I'm practicing.  The information is practical and can be applied to my practice immediately.  Each of the topics covered were relevant and important to gain a clear understanding of the private practice picture.  James should do more inspirational speaking.  He delivers an important message with a powerful presentation.  I'm thankful that I found IndeFree and plan on working with them for many years to come."
-Tanya Dougherty, PT (4/30/06)

The IndeFree Course #1 Over All Others Since 2002!

Taught by Real Therapists with Real PracticesTM

- No scientology
- No up-sell

Get everything you need!

IMPORTANT:  The Cold Hard Truth
by James Ko, MPT, Founder

Most physical therapy private practices across the country are operating at only 2% of the success that is available to them...only 2% out of the 100% that is possible in terms of their space size, potential clientele, revenue, referrals and profits!

When I analyze the "successfulness" of a physical therapy business (or occupational therapy business) thereís only one measure I look at. Surprisingly, it's not the number of patients seen per day, or new patients scheduled per week, or even revenue collected each month. These numbers can be good but yet the owner NOT be happy or able to sleep at night.

There is only ONE quantifiable measurement that can truly indicate how stable and strong the practice is and Iíll REVEAL it to you in the course! Just knowing the answer transforms most practices!   Learn more...

Important: If you truly want financial independence and professional freedom through private practice you must read this entire page.

When asking physical therapists in private practice what they liked least about having their own practice, the overwhelming response included three issues:

1. "Insurance reimbursement problems!"
2. "Marketing for new referrals!"
3. "Long hours and late nights!"

When asked what they liked most, the #1 answer was, "The independence and freedom!"

In order to have true independence and freedom your private practice must maximize reimbursement, have consistent new referrals, and must not require long hours and late nights! Your practice should make you a lot of money with excellent patient loyalty automatically regardless of you being there or not!

The fact-of-the-matter is that building a successful private practice is much like building a house. Since you've never done it before you can't really expect to know how.

You may know enough to buy concrete, lumber, drywall, nails, etcetera but when it comes time to putting it all together, without a blueprint (the know how) can you expect to succeed?

Okay, for those who are very handy and resourceful, you may get the foundation and framing started, but getting everything else to fit right and be sturdy...no way!

At some point you'll realize the need for a detailed professional plan.   Hopefully sooner than later (some take years to realize they need help).

We offer you the blueprint to private practice success in physical and occupational therapy.

Anyone can teach you how to maximize reimbursement or teach you about billing codes, heck, we teach you that too, but building a practice for real success goes way beyond that.

It involves laying a strong foundation of consistent new referral flow with affordable marketing that works, positive cash flow, and quality patient treatment flow, automatically.

IndeFree can teach you how better than any other, guaranteed!

You can waste years trying to figure it out on your own (like most private practices), reading, trying, browsing, asking other physical and occupational therapists who are not even in private practice, waiting, with no guarantee . . . or you can simply enroll in our course today and get the know-how instantly!

Your practice will only be as good as the decisions you make while developing it.  Make a wise one today and enroll now. Your future depends on it!

Important for those already in private practice:  When you begin learning the step-by-step methods, you may be surprised to find that it can be applied instantly with your referrals and profits increasing steadily over time.

To help you understand how this is possible and why all physical therapists aren't doing it, here are some facts:

First, the change from the road of failure to the road of success is usually accomplished with a minor shift in perspective.

Second, most physical therapists are pretty stubborn. So stubborn in fact that great treasures waiting under their very noses are often overlooked--when just seeing things a little differently is all it takes to getting them.

physical therapy private practice marketing

Our classes will take you step-by-step through a program that:

-Is easy to learn, easy to apply 
-Doesn't cost much money 
-Produces immediate results 
-Brings instant profit

Simply put - enroll in our class, come and learn, go and do it! It's that easy. Could you make a wiser decision?

There's a lot of money to be made in private practice but most physical therapists don't know how!

That's why you see non-therapists and corporations getting into our industry. Part of the problem is the old idea of what a "private practice" should be, and the lack of business skills of the typical physical therapist.

I believe we, as physical therapists, will never gain true autonomy and strength as independent practitioners until we work together in succeeding in the private sector doing things our way, the right way. 

My name is James Ko, MPT, and I'm the President of the IndeFree Association.  This course is an affordable way for you to learn how to build consistent new referrals, get paid extremely well, and automate your operations. 

You'll learn valuable methods and gain access to information unavailable anywhere else. 

Only physical therapists with experience and success can share the insights and secrets necessary to help other therapists succeed. The best part there's a No Risk Guarantee!  

100% Money-Back &
No-Penalty with Early Cancellation!


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